A simple text-based adventure created as a showcase to my students in Game Programming & Design. My students will create their own text-based adventure game as their first game project of the year.

The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include:

  • Variables in C#
  • Branching Statements in C#
  • Simple graphics and text manipulation in Unity3D
  • Storytelling and the narrative experience
  • The creation of a simple Game Design Document and storyboard
  • How to create a simple game engine: the finite-state machine
  • Accepting keyboard input from the user

Things I added:

  • Glowing title
  • Multiple scenes
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Graphic Buttons

This story was two years in the making and describes the experience of one man and how a bunch of kids changed his life forever. The original game concept follows Ben Tristem's course "Learn to Code by Making Games: The Complete Unity Developer Course." Microsoft Edge will not display the hardware cursor. Use Chrome or Firefox, headphones, and full-screen for the best experience!

V1.3 Coming soon...

V1.21 Fixed several bugs, made improvements to sound mixing, text, grammar, etc.

V1.2: Music in the game, bugs squashed, more typos corrected and more secret level!

V1.1: Significant updates to the Apartment, Market, the Room, Credits, as well as the secret level.

V1.01: Exceptions caught, bugs fixed. Hardware mouse does not work correctly in Microsoft Edge. Use Firefox or Chrome for best results.

V1.0: Initial Game Release

Published Oct 26, 2016
AuthorMr. Holt
Tags16-bit, Text based

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