A simple number guessing game created as a showcase to my students in Game Programming & Design. Students will create their own number guessing game as their second game project of the year. The computer tries to guess the number in your head using Binary Search.The original game concept follows Ben Tristem's "Learn to Code by Making Games: The Complete Unity Developer Course."

The primary things I learned in the creation of this game include:

  • Using binary search to narrow a selection of numbers
  • How to generate random numbers
  • Ways to change scenes
  • Calling functions within a script

Things I added:

  • Background changes every time you reload the Start Menu
  • Music plays across scenes
  • Graphic Buttons (instead of text based buttons)
  • Button animation

Background Art: greenmapple17.deviantart.com

Background Music: http://www.myspace.com/zetek4

Published Oct 19, 2016
AuthorMr. Holt
TagsAnime, simple

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